“Knowledge is our keystone, learning our policy”.

Who We Are

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We are a young, creative and geeky public relations and social media agency. Content is our guide and to acquire knowledge is our policy. Surfing and navigating the vastness of the web with ease, we are the team of trend spotters, eager to learn and acquire new skills every day.

Analytically inspired, driven by results, our team always gives its best to fulfil even the most demanding agency tasks. We will help you craft ideas into real stories, and you will love it! Through smart PR to business growth we provide answers for your business objectives. Choose. Get hinted. Be chosen.

Our Services

We are focused to build content that is valued for your business objectives.

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Strategic Communication

Event Management

Consulting and Education

Media Relations

Project Management

Blog Writing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Display Marketing

Social Media Management

Community Management

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis

Segmentation Analysis

360° Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Evaluation

TV Broadcast Analysis

360° Logo Appearance Analysis

Sport Sponsorship

Project Management

Creative Strategies

Graphical Design

Professional Photography

Animation and Video Production

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