Successful collaboration continues – Croatian Handball Federation and Mediahint signed a new sponsorship agreement

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On the eve of the Croatian handball team’s performance at the 2020 European Championships in Austria, Norway, and Sweden, the Croatian Handball Federation, and the public relations agency Mediahint signed a new sponsorship agreement. The new contract was signed by Croatian Handball Federation Secretary-General Damir Poljak and Blanka Tomašić – Executive Director of Mediahint.

“Every performance of the national team is an ideal opportunity to promote not only Croatia but also its companies. Our sponsors are very important to us and without them, I don’t know how to realize some things. That is why it is our duty and obligation, in addition to providing results on the field, to show value for sponsors, and Mediahint is our irreplaceable partner in this regard”, said the general secretary of the Croatian Handball Federation Damir Poljak.

For one year, the sponsor can, thanks to the broadcast of matches and appearances in media announcements, achieve an estimated value of more than 250 million HRK. In other words, a sponsor can make an appearance in the form of photos and videos in more than 1,000 media announcements, and during the broadcast of matches the sponsor’s logo can be seen on the screen more than 2,000 times, which is about 6 hours of appearance.

“We are extremely proud of the Croatian handball team and of being part of their extended family of sponsors and partners. The number of sponsors of the Croatian Handball Federation is growing every year, which is just a confirmation of their efforts and commitment to their partners. As the only agency that analyses all 5 media, which includes analysis of social networks, I believe that the analysis of sponsorships that we supply affects the growth of the number of sponsors. After all, the result speaks for itself.” – points out the director and owner of the Mediahint agency Blanka Tomašić.

During matches, the sponsor’s logo can be seen on jerseys, jackets, T-shirts, LED displays, field stickers, billboards, etc. One sponsor is usually in several positions, and throughout the year some positions achieve more than 30 million estimated value. In about 80% of cases, the logo of an individual sponsor is very noticeable.

In addition to appearances during matches, Croatian Handball Federation sponsors also perform well in media releases. In one year, the estimated value of sponsors’ appearances in media releases may exceed 53 million HRK. The largest share in the number of impressions and values ​​is occupied by television reports, followed by publications in the press and on Internet portals.

The fact that the term handball is one of the most searched terms in 2017. and 2018. according to the results of Google Trends. Let us remind you, the community of handball fans in Croatia on Facebook has over 100 thousand members, of which the most numerous are men aged 18 to 34 with a higher level of education.